Family is Forever

With Thanksgiving this Thursday, family is front and center on my mind. We’ve lived the best of times and the worst of times with them. They are the sources of our greatest worries and anxieties but also the happiest moments and greatest joys. No matter what, they will always be our family. My sister and… More Family is Forever

Awestruck Day

On my recent trip to Chile, which I’ve talked about quite a bit recently on here, my sister made the comment that she thinks the most beautiful places in the world have the most extreme climates. Either, very hot or very cold. We were in Patagonia, Chile, in Torres del Paine National Park. The temperature… More Awestruck Day

A Walk to Inspire

As a creative individual, I often draw inspiration from others who share their creativity with the world as well. Most often, I read books, since my love is writing. But other times, I choose a different medium. Last month, in Chile, I took a walking tour around Valparaiso, a coastal town known as the cultural… More A Walk to Inspire

In the Moment

Do you ever have trouble being in the moment? Are you perennially reliving past mistakes or triumphs, or, on the flip side, always anticipating what’s coming next? Do you ever wonder why you can’t ever slow down your brain and just enjoy the moment that is happening right now? I think this feeling happens to… More In the Moment