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Paul J. Peterson MSW/LCSW started practicing therapy in his first year internship in August of 2000. His first session was with an individual struggling with OCD, and this ignited a passion to work with individuals suffering with OCD and other anxiety disorders. Paul has traveled throughout the U.S and taken part in specialized trainings and conferences to hone in his skills. He maintains his knowledge through the most recent researches, books, conferences and trainings on OCD and currently uses the most effective and evidence based therapies. He has continued to support and train staff and master’s level interns to create a movement of skilled therapists to help alleviate the burden of OCD and anxiety that many of this population experience.

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Welcome to the OCD Anxiety Treatment Center

We are so glad you found us. In the State of Utah there are only a handful of true specialists with OCD and Anxiety Spectrum Disorders. If you are like most of our clients, you have seen a counselor who said they knew how to help you but may not have been helpful and did not provide concrete tools and techniques that truly reduced your symptoms. Fortunately, you have found the right place. Our professionals have been trained all over the nation by the founding fathers of OCD and Anxiety Treatment. We are up-to-date with the latest trainings and research. Our processes work when our clients do their part. We have modeled our programs close to some of the most renowned programs in the world.

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There are many theories as to why a person experiences anxiety and fear. Researchers and specialists have recognized that the brain can "trick" the body into believing something is happening when it is not. This is known as "Fight or Flight Response". A person can be completely logical, but when their anxiety and fear begins to run high, the feelings it produces take over any sense of logic...

  • Bothered by certain sounds or noises
  • Causing Harm by Accident
  • Causing Harm to Others on Purpose
  • Colors with special significance
  • Symmetry and Exactness
  • Panic Attacks
  • Fear of not saying just the right thing
  • Perfectionism
  • Fear of saying certain things
  • Physical and/or Emotional Contamination
  • Moral or Religious Fears
  • Repeating/Replaying compulsion
  • Rituals involving blinking or staring
  • Sexual Orientation Obsessions
  • Intrusive nonsense sounds, words, or music
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Bountiful, Utah - 15 minutes north of Salt Lake City


Bountiful, Utah - 15 minutes
north of Salt Lake City


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